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Company History

Key dates in the development of our brand, technology and culture.
  • 2014BluePhoenix, ATERAS agree to merge and form Modern Systems
    Merger agreement will create one of largest independent legacy modernization firms in the world. Caps off successful year of projects with the USDA, BBVA and more.
  • 2012Landmark Projects, New CEO
    Completion of projects for Desjardins General Insurance Group, Universal Music, US Energy Information Administration. New investment group appoints Matt Bell CEO. Bell conducts worldwide reorganization, strengthening the company's financials. Company sells AppBuilder (HPS) business.
  • 2009Launch of CTU Software
    CTU (COBOL to Universal) automated conversion software launched and used for successful modernization project with CSC.
  • 2008Completion of Walmart, Volvo Modernization projects
    Successful modernization of the world's largest order processing system (Walmart) and complex financial management platform (Volvo).
  • 2006Strategic Acquisitions of Zulu Software and CodeStream
    Acquires Zulu Software for automated Natural/Adabas conversion software. Acquires CodeStream for Mainframe DataShare software.
  • 2003BluePhoenix Acquires Crystal Solutions
    Acquisition completes Liraz portfolio of global legacy modernization companies and resources.
  • 2001Level 8 Rebrands, BluePhoenix rises
    Level 8, now owned by Liraz Systems, changes its name to BluePhoenix. Name decided by an employee competition.
  • 1987The Early Years, 1987-1999
    Established as Crystal Solutions in 1987, specializing in internal IBM Mainframe conversion such as COBOL to COBOL II. In 1992, First Boston and IBM form a new company called Seer Technologies to develop and sell HPS (now known as Appbuilder). In 1997, Crystal Solutions goes public and is listed on NASDAQ under symbol CRYSF. In 1999, Level 8 acquires Seer Technologies. Level 8 offer Legacy integration software and services.
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