Assembler to Java

Lifecycle Focused, Flexible Approach to Modernization
ASM 370/390 Modernization Key Points
Your application retains assembler business logic. The program uses JAVA/C# & SQL, so there are no hooks into MVS. The application’s legacy user interfaces are converted to a modern GUI. All previous 3270 screens are eliminated completely and replaced with modern frameworks. Online and batch apps are converted using a fully automated solution; a process which eliminates Assembler completely.

Steps in the Conversion Process

Automated Assessment

  • Presentation of the inventoried application components (code, programs, macros, maps, files, etc.)
  • Categorization of all dependencies/co-dependencies/inter-dependencies of applications and files
  • Identification of used, unused, duplicate, standalone, and missing components
  • Areas of Concentration unique to each client’s environment, including feedback to the client on potential areas of risk for conversion process
  • List of items that need to be resolved prior to the conversion start
  • Details regarding access and use of, third-party utilities in both batch and online applications
Database Conversion Options

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