cobol to java

UK Financial Services Firm Chooses Modern Systems for COBOL to Java

Exciting news from the UK! Modern Systems recently teamed up with a large financial services firm to kick off a COBOL to Java automated conversion and migration from non-relational, legacy databases to relational Oracle Database. The project kicked off recently and will be managed and staffed by team members from across the globe.

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Prepper Tips: 3 Ways to Survive & Thrive
in the Mainframe Apocalypse

People have been preparing for the worst for ages, but modern Americans have turned it into an art form. At the dawn of the Atomic Age, […]

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Modern Systems Teams Up With Stonebranch To Expand Workload Automation

Modern Systems, the leader in helping enterprise organizations modernize their existing application environment in alignment with business strategy, today announced its successful partnership with workload automation solutions provider Stonebranch.

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devops mainframe

ADABAS Conversion: Choices and Best Practices

Advantages of ADABAS Conversion A broad view of organizational data is vital for management reporting, business intelligence, analytics, and decision support. But what happens when critical […]

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erp replacement

How to Evade the Horrors
of ERP Replacement

Large scale legacy ERP replacement is risky, expensive, and challenging. ERP implementation costs and deployment schedules are amplified by customization – the need to wrap the ERP solution around your business processes and applications. These projects are more known for their failures than for their success.

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Legacy Data Archiving – Lowering the Cost of an ERP Deployment

As we illustrated in our whitepaper, implementing an ERP solution that embodies the functionality of all of the systems it is intended to replace is next to impossible. It takes creative problem-solving and a little bit of luck to emerge successfully from one of these massive projects. An important area of focus when deploying a modern ERP system is legacy data archiving. Solving the problem of what to do with the data locked into the old systems you’re trying to get rid of can be more complex than you might think.

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Batch Execution Comes to Linux With Modern Systems’ Latest eavJES Release

eavJES batch execution suite, a Modern Systems product, enables organizations to replatform JCL and PROCS for execution with very little change. In its most recent release, the software’s controller, runtime, and utilities have been extended to run in Linux environments, enabling a broader range of options for customers looking to replatform JCL and PROCS without changing or converting the underlying code.

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CA Gen to .NET

Three Essentials for Reducing Risk
When Migrating from CA Gen to .NET

Whether migrating management support systems, operations infrastructure or reporting applications, the CA Gen to .NET modernization process can be highly complex, risky, expensive and time consuming. Below, we’ll outline three essential techniques you can employ to reduce the risk and complexity around a modernization effort.

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