Modern Systems Announces Technology Partnership with Syncsort

Modern Systems, the leader in helping enterprise organizations modernize their existing application environment in alignment with business strategy, today announced its successful partnership with mainframe and big data software solutions provider Syncsort.

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cobol to java

Three Essentials for Reducing Risk When Migrating from COBOL to Java

Whether migrating management support systems, operations infrastructure or reporting applications, the COBOL to Java modernization process can be highly complex, risky, expensive and time consuming. Below, we’ll outline three essential techniques you can employ to reduce the risk and complexity around a modernization effort.

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Modern Systems Wraps Up Successful POC With Large US Distributor

Modern Systems just wrapped up a successful proof of concept (POC) for a large distributor in the United States. Armed with peace of mind and a demonstration of Modern Systems’ capabilities, our client can move to the next phase of their modernization with confidence.

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vsam to sql server

How To Get Data From VSAM to
SQL Server Data Warehouse

VSAM can be found on almost every mainframe. In some cases it is hardly used and in other cases there are full featured mission-critical applications based […]

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cobol conversion vsam conversion

Modern Systems Meets Major Project Milestone with US Media Company

Modern Systems and a large US-based media organization have been engaging in the conversion of a massive legacy system responsible for order management and billing. The system consisted primarily of COBOL and VSAM, and our customer wished to migrate away from the mainframe to a modern environment running Java with Oracle DB.

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New Big Data Battleground:
Connecting IMS to SQL Server

Over 95% of Fortune 1000 companies use IMS, but this old favorite is now squarely in the crosshairs of a big data rivalry.

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Modsys International, Ltd. Announces Delisting and Deregistration of Ordinary Shares

DALLAS, TEXAS, April 12, 2017…ModSys International Ltd. (Nasdaq: MDSY) (the “Company”) today notified the NASDAQ Stock Market of its intention to voluntarily withdraw the Company’s ordinary […]

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Incompatible: When New Applications Can’t Handle Old Data

Modern Systems has been working with the UK Government and their partners to move some highly critical and sensitive security data away from IDMS databases to modern platforms such as SQL Server on Azure. In addition to transforming and archiving the data, Modern Systems provided views to allow the data to be queried and utilized going forward. Transforming the data from IDMS to Relational has allowed the mainframe it was residing on to be retired, saving a large sum of money.

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