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It Turns Out, IDMS Success Is Keyless

Modern Systems has developed a solution that automatically determines where IDMS DB Keys are used in application code. In most cases it can also make required code updates while automatically flagging any that require additional manual attention during modernization to relational.

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mainframe field expansion

Real World Advice: Handling Mainframe Field Expansion

Mainframe field expansion is an inevitability of legacy systems. Here’s some real-world advice on hidden risks and gotchas- and how to avoid them.

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Government Agency Taps Modern Systems to Transform CA Gen to Java

Exciting news from Sweden! A large government agency recently tapped Modern Systems to transform a massive CA Gen environment to Java. The project kicked off recently and will be managed and staffed by team members from across the globe. Our extensive history modernizing legacy systems for government agencies such as Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Singapore Land Authority, US Department of Energy, and many others, combined with our industry-leading CA Gen modernization solution, made the decision to engage with Modern Systems an easy one. Stay tuned for updates as we work to liberate our Scandinavian friends from the land of legacy!

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Tweak Your MIPS: Getting Smart About Mainframe Cost Reduction

Offloading high MIPS consuming workloads onto less costly systems can drive down costs without driving up risk.

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cobol assessment

ModSys International Ltd. “Modern Systems” to Announce 2016 Annual Results on Friday, March 10, 2017

Modern Systems announced today that it will report its 2016 annual financial results on Friday, March 10, 2017.

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UK Government Agency Wraps Up a String of Legacy Modernization Projects

Great news from the UK! Modern Systems recently wrapped up a large set of legacy modernization projects with a UK government agency that went live in January.

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How Compliance is Driving Application Modernization

As COBOL resources disappear, companies are confronting a new risk equation: compliance vs. application modernization.

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legacy modernization mainframe modernization cobol to java cobol to .net cobol conversion

Money For Nothing: Why Legacy Modernization Projects Fail

Modernizing legacy platforms from old languages like COBOL is all about managing risk. Here are some Best Practices for getting ahead of the game and avoiding common mistakes.

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