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The perspective in these pages is rooted in over 30 years of experience deploying successful legacy modernization engagements with customers ranging from WAL-MART to Ford to Desjardins to the US government.  Take your time, download and read through the whitepapers, case studies and analyst reports most relevant to your business.  If you'd like to learn more, we welcome the opportunity to talk.


Legacy Systems & Digital Transformation: More Than Meets The Eye
This whitepaper investigates the drivers of digital transformation, the challenges businesses face in transition, and the integral role legacy modernization plays in digital business success.

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The Gathering Storm: Legacy Modernization & the Cloud
This whitepaper discusses the intersection between legacy systems and unique advantages offered by cloud computing environments when addressing modernization.

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Escaping Legacy - Removing A Major Roadblock to a Digital Future
Earlier this year, Andy Nelson and Roger Camrass, a senior board advisor and visiting professor at the University of Surrey, England interviewed over 40 senior executives in leading financial, industrial, government, and IT services organizations to test a hypothesis: Do core legacy systems inhibit business’ ability to meet changing customer demands in the digital age? They wrote this excellent whitepaper setting out their key findings.

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Save Your Environment the Natural Way
This whitepaper outlines how firms are empowered to take a phased approach to modernization using Modern Systems’ tools to replatform and later migrate to COBOL or C#, removing the common risks many executives and application developers cite as reasons to stay with their current technology. It also describes how these tools enable organizations to break the ties that bind them to expensive fees.

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Don't Kick The Can Down A Crumbling Road
Recently, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released an eye-opening report which found that roughly 75% of the government’s $80 billion IT budget goes to keep aging technology running, and the increasing cost is shortchanging modernization and causing a lot of headaches. This whitepaper explains why automated COBOL conversion is the fastest, most cost-effective, and safest way to alleviate reliance on legacy infrastructure, databases, and the application code that supports them.

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Know the Details, Reduce the Risk
This whitepaper explains why a detailed assessment and understanding of legacy applications and databases is essential for risk mitigation, environmental understanding, and proper strategic technological planning and decision-making.
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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
This whitepaper incorporates industry analysis, direct customer feedback, and over 30 years of project experience to help you understand the mainframe modernization ecosystem and how replatforming Natural applications with Modern Systems is the fastest, least costly, and lowest risk option for extricating your organization from reliance on the mainframe and Software AG.
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How To Reduce MIPS in Core Mainframe Apps
91% of CIOs say performance expectations of the mainframe have increased now that customer-facing applications are using it. How can you reduce MIPS without disrupting the experience for the business and end users? This whitepaper breaks down the current MIPS usage landscape and options for MIPS reduction that make sense.
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Tool-Assisted Reengineering of COBOL or Natural Applications
Agile development philosophies such as DevOps, rapid expansion of expectations around mobile-friendly business practices, and world-class cloud infrastructure are placing pressure on CIOs and Enterprise Architects to modernize legacy systems to the changing landscape or risk losing competitive edge and market share.
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How To Replatform Adabas Natural
Replatforming Natural applications is a good way to move to distributed platforms, eliminate Software AG licensing charges, and retain Natural code syntax.
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When CA GEN Isn't COOL Anymore
CA GEN applications are usually of considerable size and accumulate complex business logic. A lack of skilled resources, limited integration and high costs create challenges around maintaining CA GEN. This whitepaper covers the current state of CA GEN in the enterprise and the most efficient, low-risk way to modernize.
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COBOL to Java or C# Automated Conversion
This is a technical deep-dive into our COBOL Automated Conversion technology. Learn how our solution empowers companies to keep the benefits of their legacy business logic while guaranteeing a fully maintainable Java or C# end state, compatible with the database and hardware of their choice. A great way to prepare and evaluate your COBOL migration roadmap.
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Modernizing the Non Relational Database
A broad view of organizational data is vital for management reporting, business intelligence, analytics and decision support. This whitepaper outlines common challenges in handling data locked up in legacy systems, the options for solving them and a detailed breakdown of Modern Systems' solution using an IDMS database as an example.
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Natural Selection: Evolving Away from Software AG
Despite running mission critical applications and transactions on Software AG platforms, specific factors are driving companies away from Natural/Adabas.

This document incorporates industry analysis, direct customer feedback and 30 years of project experience to help you understand, build and execute on a business case for modernizing Software AG Natural/Adabas environments.
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Modernization Secrets of the Fortune 1000
Despite their size, Fortune 1000 companies know it takes a flexible, nimble organization to compete in today’s business landscape. This paper profiles their drivers to modernize, little known choices to common solutions, and profiles three global businesses who leveraged these creative solutions for success.
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How To Bring DevOps to Modernized Mainframe Applications
Improve deployment frequency, lower failure rates, shorten lead time between fixes, and speed mean time to recovery by bringing DevOps to modernized mainframe applications.
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How Modernization Can Blend With ERP Deployments
How Modern Systems can help customers leverage "Blended ERP" for easier customization, reduced cost, and reduced risk.
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Archiving Data For New ERP Deployments
Discover how archiving legacy data can offer a refreshing alternative for lowering the cost of an ERP system.
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Case Studies

How Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Retired Big Iron In Under 4 Months
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water replaced their mainframe-based Customer Accounting System applications with a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution running on Windows. However, regulatory requirements mandated that at least seven years of customer billing data was to be archived and accessible at all times, a request which the COTS solution was unable to accommodate. As a result, three IDMSX databases containing all seven years of required historical billing data were left in place on the mainframe to meet the requirement, to be accessed as needed. Learn how Modern Systems came in, converted the IDMSX databases to a single SQL Server database, migrated the applications used to access the data to Windows, and helped Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water shut their costly big iron down for good, in less than four months.
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How GE Capital Reduced Modernization Scope by 78%
Take a tour of the assessment, conversion, and replatforming of a massive business-critical application suite with astonishing results.
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How the US Department of Energy: Savannah River Site Left the Mainframe in Under 6 Months
Find out how the US DOE eliminated ADABAS and Mainframe processing within five months, replatformed Natural, and implemented a relational database for future flexibility.
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Mainframe to Microsoft: Police Mutual
The ultimate goal of this Natural/ADABAS to Java/SQL Server modernization project was to help over 200,000 police officers receive savings, investments and insurance services quicker.
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University of California, Santa Barbara Modernizes Their Student Information Platform
With help from Modern Systems, UCSB converted its code and data from its suite of Software AG ADABAS/Natural applications on an IBM mainframe to a platform based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. Find out how.
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Mainframe Field Expansion: Now That's Progressive
Progressive needed to accommodate an increasing number of policyholders and meet the business needs for expanded status, form, and address fields in their databases and related applications. This would involve complex security requirements, more than 30 database columns and 14 million lines of code.
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Modernizing 4,000 Programs Without The Business Knowing
This COBOL/IDMS modernization project with Desjardins General Insurance Group currently stands as the largest successful modernization project done in both North America and in the history of the insurance vertical.
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COBOL Replatforming: An Inside Look
The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California manages the unemployment and disability insurance benefit programs for over 18 million residents. EDD needed to migrate to a modern platform that could be adjusted to meet Federal mandates, grow with the future needs of the State, and be supported by available employees. Modern Systems assisted in replatforming EDD to a DB2 CICS COBOL environment that met the State of California’s requirements.
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Shooting for the S.T.A.R.S.
The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) handles the registration of property transactions, the issue of new title documents for all properties in Singapore. The Singapore Titles Automated Registry System (STARS) captures this information, applies current policy rules and ensures accurate data for the Land Register, which is guaranteed by law. If this information is inaccurate, or if the updated policy information is not applied, the government is open to legal and financial liability. Get the details on this Natural/ADABAS modernization project that minimized user impact while meeting some unique performance and integration requirements.
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The Golden Goose: Modernizing Core Applications from COBOL to Java
AeroSoft Systems, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada since 1997, maintains a unique position in the aircraft maintenance management software industry. CEO Thanos Kaponeridis wanted to modernize their flagship software product in a way that would be transparent to their current installed base and enable operational and business goals behind the scenes. Here's what happened.
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Sharing Mainframe Data Across the Enterprise
Companies House is Britain’s government bureau with responsibility for recording and storing all information that the country’s 1.8 million limited companies must share with the public. For years, Companies House gathered this information in their customized IDMS application. They elected to move this system to a Unix platform running Oracle in order to curb costs, streamline development work on the application and web-enable their data. Enter Modern Systems' Mainframe DataShare.
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Natural ADABAS Win Book
Our Natural/ADABAS Win Book is the definitive guide for companies seeking to transition out of these environments and into modern systems.
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Converting IDMS to DB2 Without Downtime: Progressive Casualty Insurance Core Claims
Progressive required that their database conversion solution be 100% automated, while still guaranteeing functional equivalency and maintaining all existing business rules. After extensive research into their options, Progressive selected Modern Systems and its unique DB-Shuttle automated technology to perform the modernization.
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Analyst Papers and Reports

Vendor Landscape: Legacy Software Modernization
The goal of this research paper by InfoTech is to help companies understand what’s changed in the field of modernization, how legacy systems can now be modernized relatively affordably and in surprisingly short time frames. This document offers a detailed evaluation and ranking of legacy modernization vendors and products to help determine which vendors are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios.
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Modernization: Inside An Intense COBOL Conversion
Business case, risk analysis and cost analysis for a Standish Group customer planning a COBOL conversion for an IBM z10 mainframe system running its order processing application. The application consists of two million lines of COBOL/CICS code. The company has found it too expensive and difficult to modify and maintain the application. They planned to upgrade the application and reduce total cost of ownership by running it on commodity hardware and software- and this is the overall analysis of that effort. VERY useful for companies in the early stages of planning a COBOL conversion.
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Modernization: A CEO's Story, Live From Gartner
AeroSoft CEO Thanos Kaponeridis detailed his experience with Modern Systems (then known as BluePhoenix) with an audience at Gartner's CIO Symposium. Great for those looking for a detailed, real-world story about modernizing business-critical applications.
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