How To Bring DevOps to Modernized Mainframe Applications

Businesses are under tremendous pressure to create new value for their customers. Coupled with the enormous demand for software-based products and services, the trend of competitive differentiation through technology isn’t a huge surprise. However, organizations are finding that traditional approaches to software development and delivery are not sufficient to meet these needs. DevOps represents a philosophy that drives collaboration between teams to achieve efficient, competitive, sustained innovation.

Ideal audiences for this document include:
legacy modernization, bluephoenix, cobol, mainframe
  • Technical Managers seeking to end dependency on a legacy technology
  • CIOs looking to streamline systems and add efficiencies
  • CFOs looking to dramatically reduce license spend associated with legacy systems
  • Line of Business Managers looking to integrate platforms for better service levels and performance
  • Business Analysts seeking to leverage data analytics and/or business intelligence to gain competitive advantage

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