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Our Approach

With over 30 years of modernization experience, Modern Systems empowers customers to modernize at their own pace while reducing risk, project timelines, and cost each step of the way.

Modern Systems' modernization expertise focuses primarily on four source application languages (COBOL, Natural, CA Gen, and ADS/O) and four source database technologies (ADABAS, IDMS, IMS, and VSAM). Our legacy migration and modernization services include a complete strategy, methodology, and battle-tested process, from conception through deployment. Modernizing legacy systems enable organizations to protect legacy assets, reduce maintenance costs, provide agility and flexibility, and enable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of business-critical applications.

Source Data & Databases

Liberate legacy data by converting non-relational databases to relational equivalents (SQL Server, Oracle Database, or DB2)

Source Application Languages

While we have modernization capabilities across numerous legacy application languages , our expertise lies in these four...


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CA Gen

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ADS Online

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