Savannah River Site Selects ATP to Rehost/Replatform Adabas/Natural Application

The Savannah River Site (SRO) of the US Department of Energy was using an ADABAS database and Natural applications in a mainframe environment that was due to be shut down in December 2011. SRO needed a fast, cost-effective solution. Modern Systems converted the ADABAS database to SQL Server and replatformed the Natural workload to the economical ATP on Windows. By keeping Natural syntax with ATP, SRO was able to turn off their mainframe and remove their SAG licenses within 5 months of the project start.

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Tufts University Archives IDMS Database to Oracle

Tufts University needed a field-proven solution to archive their IDMS database and data to an Oracle database as part of a large migration to a packaged set of software. Modern Systems used its automated tool suite to generate the definition of a new Oracle database to house the IDMS data. The tool suite also generated custom COBOL programs to extract the IDMS to sequential files that were quickly loaded to the new Oracle tables. The process was fast and effective. The archive was complete in November, 2011.

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