European Insurance Company Begins Move From IDMS/VSAM to DB2 on z/OS

An international insurance company needed to convert from their legacy IDMS and VSAM databases to DB2 on a z/OS platform using COBOL. An assessment and successful proof of concept was performed in late 2011. The results proved the performance of the DB2 database and quality of the converted application code. The conversion of over 17,500 components and 4.5 million lines of code is currently in progress. Production cut-over is scheduled for September.

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Southwest Airlines Archives IDMS to Oracle

Southwest Airlines needed a solution to archive their legacy IDMS database and VSAM master files. The target database was Oracle. A successful proof of concept was delivered in early 2011 which was followed by the complete archival of the IDMS database, the VSAM file structures, and all related data. The database archival was completed in January, 2012.

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