Canadian Government Agency Requests Assessment of Adabas/Natural Platform

A Canadian Government agency wanted to understand the scope and complexity of their Adabas/Natural applications in preparation for a conversion to a more modern platform. Modern Systems performed an automated mainframe Assessment of their applications and delivered comprehensive reports, a fixed bid and detailed project schedule for the 11,000+ components and over 2 million lines of code.

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Retail Market Plans to Modernize Adabas/Natural Platform with Assessment Details

A retail market looking to understand what it will take for their move off the Adabas/Natural platform contracted with Modern Systems to perform an assessment of their legacy systems. Their final count was 82,000+ components with over 20 million lines of code. The Modern Systems assessment results enabled the customer to proceed with modernization plans.

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Power Utility Company Plans for Conversion of Adabas/Natural with Assessment

A power and utility company needed to plan for the conversion of their Adabas/Natural environment to more modern technologies. Modern Systems collected all of their mainframe source code and performed an automated assessment of their legacy systems to define the scope and roadmap for the conversion process. Modern Systems analyzed over 29,000 components with 5 million lines of code. The result was a comprehensive plan for conversion of their Adabas natural applications to C# SQL Server and an option for Natural replatforming.

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