Manufacturer Anticipates Conversion from IMS to DB2 with Assessment

A manufacturer completed a mainframe assessment of their IMS database in anticipation of a conversion to DB2. The goal was to fully define the source code used across more than 100 applications. During the Assessment process, Modern Systems analyzed more than 14 million lines of code. The pilot is currently in progress.

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US South East State Government Converts Adabas/Natural to SQL Server/C# while retaining DB2

A state government in the southeast U.S. wanted a C# SQL Server replacement for their ADABAS Natural applications while preserving the DB2 database. Modern Systems used its automated tool suite to assess and convert over 2,000 ADABAS and Natural components to new Windows-based applications that process against SQL Server and the existing DB2 database. The new .NET system went live in March of 2012.

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