National Health Care Organization Modernizes to COBOL Oracle from IMS/VSAM

A national health care organization wants to move to a Windows platform using Java and DB2. Modern Systems is currently converting the database and data from IMS and VSAM while modernizing the COBOL using eavRPM. The resulting applications will run using IBM’s Websphere Application Server. 13 million lines of code were assessed at the start of the project which was narrowed down to 3.4 million lines of code in use.

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National Information Provider Selects Modern Systems to Convert Adabas/VSAM Platform to Oracle

Modern Systems is providing a conversion solution to a leading national information provider. The original Natural/COBOL ADABAS/VSAM platform is being converted to a COBOL Oracle implementation on LINUX. 71,228 components were initially identified for the conversion scope. A proof of concept was completed prior to going ahead with the full conversion.

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