A Great Week At FedScoop’s IT Modernization Summit

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Federal agencies spend about $90 billion on IT each year — but less than a third of that goes to the development and modernization of systems. The rest of the federal IT budget is dedicated to keeping old systems up and running, a cost that only continues to increase as the systems get older and older. And to add insult to injury, those antiquated legacy systems are remarkably harder to operate securely.

Modern Systems, federal officials, and other IT experts came together at FedScoop’s IT Modernization Summit this week as they discussed the business case for modernizing agency systems, the ongoing policy discussions around adopting emerging technologies, and how replacing legacy systems with new ones can help prevent major security breaches.

Modern Systems is the leading provider of legacy language and database modernization with over 30 years of best-practice domain expertise, we work closely with customers to minimize risk and provide a clear path from legacy platforms like COBOL, Natural, Adabas, VSAM, IMS, IDMS, CA Gen, and others to modern solutions like SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Java, C# and more. We have decades of experience in the public sector, successfully delivering large projects for the US Department of Energy, US Department of Agriculture, the US Postal Service, and many more government agencies in the US and across the globe.

Whether reducing MIPS by offloading workloads, unlocking legacy data through conversion or replication, replatforming legacy languages with no change to break the chains of big iron, or rapidly moving to modern code bases and data with automated conversion services, we have a broad array of solutions for just about any legacy modernization conundrum.

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