A new, collaborative approach to legacy modernization on the journey to the cloud

Newer, highly sought-after modernization approaches such as the incremental shift to cloud-native microservices are extremely complex, and require a deep level of analysis, planning, and hands-on domain expertise.  These approaches require new methods that allow for increased customer involvement.

To help customers and partners on their cloud journey, Modern Systems has introduced its Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS™) solution.  ModPaaS is a cloud-based platform that allows customers and partners to analyze and modernize legacy applications in a highly collaborative manner—and it’s available today on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

ModPaaS gives customers access to Modern Systems-developed modernization solutions as a service, which can be used in a self-service manner, with assistance from Modern Systems’ modernization specialists, or in a fully-managed approach similar to traditional project engagements.

The platform allows you to analyze mainframe legacy code, understand interrelationships, complexity, dependencies and mine business rules, all essential activities for complex modernization projects.

Read our ModPaaS technical blog on the Amazon Partner Network (APN) website to learn all about it!

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