The demands of typical mainframe modernization projects have shifted to go well beyond simple cost-cutting measures. Mainframe legacy owners now expect additional gains such as conversion to maintainable object-oriented languages, a shift in infrastructure to leverage elastic services, as well as development of agile-based processes. As demand for adoption of automated conversion of legacy languages to Java or C#, or longer-term strategic refactoring to cloud-native architectures increases, a partnership ecosystem becomes more imperative in order for organizations to successfully complete complex modernization efforts. At Modern Systems we are committed to adding strategic value to all of our partner relationships. We provide an established process for onboarding partners with the aim of ensuring success for our mutual customers. For each partner, we provide the following:

  • Dedicated, trained Modern Systems team to ensure successful project delivery
  • Partner manager lead, with the goal of establishing clear goals and benchmarks to evaluate the - the support and delivery of the partnership
  • Executive sponsor who has visibility into all aspects of the relationship and each customer project
  • Marketing lead to co-develop partnership news materials, as well as execute marketing programs to nurture key customers along their buyer’s journey
Establishing strong long lasting partnerships is a primary focus of our go to market strategy, so we take it seriously. Become a partner today.

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