Data Conversion

The ADABAS data extract and relational load process is simple and straightforward. During the process, all data is extracted and written to a set of sequential files that are ready to load to the new relational database target. The ADABAS data extracts are fast and can be executed simultaneously. Modern Systems can provide a number of extract variations for sites that have special requirements for a short ADABAS conversion window. Data conversion during the cut-over weekend or evening is always fast and complete.

Customization Workbenches to Tailor ADABAS Data Migrations

Special workbenches within DB-Shuttle™ provide additional capabilities for tailoring an ADABAS data migration so that it better meets our customers' needs:

  • Re-name Workbenches to allow full naming of all tables, columns, table spaces, and indexes using a rules basis or a full-name basis
  • Data Cleansing Workbench to provide rule-based data cleansing during the ADABAS data extract process
  • Date Conversion Workbench to allow the specification of the format of ADABAS date fields along with the individual ADABAS date field minimum and maximum values so that the DATE type specification can be used in relational databases (all date formats are supported)
  • Element Rename Workbench which allows selection of group level or elementary ADABAS fields for use as columns in the relational database
  • Record Re-Definition Workbench to allow changes to field types and lengths during the relational conversion
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