Application Modernization

Automated ADS/Online Conversion

Converts dialogs from ADS/Online to modern C# while maintaining business logic.
Great for applications that need minimal feature or capability extension.

ADS/Online applications are automatically converted to C# or to CICS COBOL, with 100% like-for-like functionality as compared to the legacy applications. The resulting C# and COBOL applications are multi-tiered, providing User Interface, Business Logic, extended Screen Edit, and full-feature SQL-based Data Access layer processing.

Automated ADS/O Conversion:

    • Uses ADS/Online dictionary as the basis for new off-mainframe applications
    • Produces object-oriented applications that are easy for your C# teams to maintain and enhance
    • Converts IDMS-based application components including process modules, maps, ADSA structures, edit and code tables, automatic editing, IDD messages, and scratch and queue processing
    • Includes IDMS-DC language subroutines in the conversion

    COBOL conversion, cobol to java, idms to oracle
    Modernizing the Nonrelational Database:
    ADS/O and IDMS

    This whitepaper outlines common challenges in handling data locked up in these systems, the options for solving them and a detailed breakdown of Modern Systems' solution using an IDMS database as an example.

    COBOL conversion, cobol to java, idms to oracle

    How GE Capital Reduced Modernization Scope by 78%
    Delivered from Gartner Symposium
    GE Capital's most critical application, 71M lines of ADS/O and COBOL, was evaluated and modernized by Modern Systems.
    This is the story of how we mitigated risk for this massive project.

    Success Brief: National Life Group
    National Life Group wanted to extract business rules from their IDMS ADS/Online language and break mission critical insurance applications free of IDMS. Modern Systems refactored five databases, 603 ADS/Online Dialogs and 980+ Batch COBOL programs.

    Success Brief: Progressive Insurance
    Progressive Insurance chose Modern Systems to modernize their Mission Critical Nationwide Claims System, originally written in ADS/O and IDMS, without disrupting the claims-related activities or end-user environment. The final requirement was retaining 100% of Progressive’s Business Rules.

    Success Brief: University of Miami
    The University of Miami found ADS/O and IDMS to be a strategic liability. Driven by a desire to move to a world class e-University operation, The U chose Modern Systems to modernize over 10M lines of code and 3,000 batch and online operations.

    COBOL Replatforming: Employment Development Department (EDD) of California
    Modern Systems assisted in replatforming EDD to a DB2 CICS COBOL environment that met the State of California’s requirements. The entire project was completed on time and under budget, enabling the State to receive over $1 billion in stimulus funds from the Federal government.

    DB Shuttle
    We use DB Shuttle to perform a rigorous assessment of the collected customer components, including a full inventory and analysis of the component and their inter-dependencies. Then, DBShuttle prepares the target environment and facilitates the Automated Conversion Process.
    View DB Shuttle Datasheet

    2-MINUTE OVERVIEW: Automated Conversion

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