Advanced and Modern Systems Strengthen Partnership to Create Legacy Modernization Powerhouse

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Modern Systems, the leader in helping enterprise organizations modernize their existing application environment in alignment with business strategy, in continued partnership with fellow legacy application migration and modernization specialists Advanced, announced an expansion of coverage. This broadened partnership increases capabilities from ICL/Fujitsu Virtual Machine Environments (VME) to the entire breadth of industry leading solutions including our comprehensive mainframe migration solutions for IMS, IDMS, Natural/Adabas, Ideal/Datacom, Telon, Assembler, PL/1 and more. This team will also support our best-in-class Code Transformation solutions for COBOL to Java & C#, as well as Cloud Enablement for AWS, Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Oracle. This expanded partnership ensures a continued commitment to our clients, their technologies and a powerhouse of experience and capabilities – worldwide.

Today’s CIO is moving rapidly towards also becoming a Chief Innovation Officer, while keeping costs in mind. This dual focus makes application migration initiatives an attractive proposition for these business leaders. The complementary core competencies within Advanced and Modern Systems are highlighted when the teams are able to move users from legacy systems to contemporary platforms with minimal user disruption, while providing continuity of existing intellectual property and business processes.

Tim Jones, Managing Director of Application Modernization at Advanced, says, “By growing our breadth of coverage, we are bringing together a wider range of best-of-breed software and highly experienced consultants to deliver world class support for important business critical application transformation migration projects. We are proud to be leading the way in legacy application modernization. This expansion will support us to stay at the forefront of the market and continue offering customers a minimal risk migration service.”

Brandon Edenfield, CEO of Modern Systems, says, “We have an extensive history of innovative modernization initiatives over the past 30 years and expanding our partnership with Advanced is the latest step in broadening the potential of that success. Both companies complement and build on each other’s capabilities to ensure a comprehensive, cost-effective service that manages the complex process of platform migration, enabling customers to drive innovation and efficiency.”

Modern Systems is the leading independent legacy modernization firm in the world. The company has expanded globally to 7 locations. Modern Systems’ technical and strategic teams have successfully modernized hundreds of complex systems. The firm has a deep history of strategically facilitating the transition from legacy systems to modern environments. These modernization strategies incorporate cloud, digital transformation, DevOps, data archiving, business rules mining and micro services.

Advanced has more than 30 years’ experience in supporting organizations to manage, migrate, and modernize existing data and applications. The software and services provider uses an automated, tools-based migration approach that securely moves entire applications to run natively on more modern open system platforms.

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