Agricultural Company Gains Visibility into Mainframe System with eav Licenses

A well-known agricultural company wanted to improve visibility into their existing applications and underlying infrastructure to ease the maintenance of their Windows XP, 7, 8, and mainframe environment. The company had no plans to migrate, modernize, or replatform anytime soon but needed a tool that would help debug, maintain, and enhance multiple, complex applications within their Natural programming environment. The customer required better visibility into their application dependencies, and a way to eliminate objects not being utilized. The Enterprise Application Viewer (eav®) solution equips their application and business teams with the ability to quickly understand and follow the logic within and across the applications and programs.

Modern Systems was able to show that eav® would significantly enhance and expand their application portfolio understanding to better meet business demands with accuracy, speed and agility. The installation of eav® provided the customer with an immediate solution, saving time and money across the organization by reducing maintenance costs, downtime, and project cost overruns. The installation process was completed in a matter of days and eav® now serves as a complete analytical team within a single tool.

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