Tool-Assisted Reengineering

Our Tool-Assisted Reengineering service enables the structural changes necessary for APIs, user interface improvements and applicability to virtualized environments- all while maintaining the logic of the source application. Depending on its scope, a complete application can be prototyped in a matter of hours or even minutes.

This service:

  • Truly modernizes applications, enabling developers to extend capabilities to support APIs, web services and more
  • Enables high performance for modernized applications in virtual environments, empowers IT agility for DevOps
  • Delivers native C# or Java applications from COBOL or Natural application code and business rules


The evolution of agile development philosophies like DevOps, mobile-friendly business practices, service-oriented architecture and virtualization are prompting

modernization efforts that go beyond 1-for-1 code conversions.

This service quickly and fundamentally changes the architecture of the legacy system, delivering the benefits of modern systems while preserving the business value of the legacy environment.

This service is ideal for companies:

  • With COBOL or Natural source code looking to move to C# or Java
  • Eliminating nonrelational data sources in favor of SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle
  • Seeking to maintain legacy business logic with truly modern architectures
  • Seeking to rapidly and frequently extend capabilites of modernized apps
  • Evaluating cloud architectures/virtualization for modernized apps
  • Seeking to leverage DevOps/agile methodologies across all systems

COBOL conversion, cobol to java, idms to oracle

UC Santa Barbara Moves from Natural to C#

Citing the increasing demand created by mobile technologies and multiple data sources, UCSB wanted to modernize the architecture and capabilities of its complex student information system- without losing business logic or functionality.

With Modern Systems' Tool-Assisted Reengineering services, UCSB moved from Software AG ADABAS-Natural applications on an IBM mainframe to a SOA-enabled environment

based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

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COBOL conversion, cobol to java, idms to oracle

Architectural Transformation with eavRPM
Agile development philosophies such as DevOps, rapid expansion of expectations around mobile-friendly business practices, and world-class cloud infrastructure are placing pressure on CIOs and Enterprise Architects to modernize legacy systems to the changing landscape or risk losing competitive edge and market share.

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