Natural/ADABAS Replatforming with Application Transparency Platform


The Application Transparency Platform is a revolutionary Natural Adabas Replatforming solution that provides an end-to-end strategic solution for lower license costs, higher productivity and full preservation of your legacy assets and business rules. As an alternative to the re-engineering and conversion solutions available for Natural and Adabas, it dramatically reduces the time frame for the replacement cycle and accelerates return on investment.

ATP automatically transforms your Adabas databases and data to the relational database of your choice: DB2, SQL Server or Oracle and processes Natural code through the platform on Windows. It allows you to move Natural applications without changes from your current mainframe environment to the less expensive, more robust environment thus eliminating costly maintenance/license fees and reducing mainframe workload. Since the Application Transparency Platform flawlessly interprets and executes each Natural command, your Natural applications can execute against the new relational database without changes to the current Natural syntax.

In addition, ATP includes a full-featured new GUI development platform that includes Natural code analysis, flow diagramming, impact analysis, pattern matching, version comparison and interactive debugging. Your Natural development team can continue to develop and maintain your applications with the support of modern development tools.

ATP Benefits

Application Transparency Platform gives you the freedom to choose a new platform without the high cost and long project timeframes associated with other solutions.

  • Reduce or eliminate mainframe costs with a short-term project that provides fast ROI
  • Eliminate expensive maintenance/license fees
  • Retain your Natural applications, expertise and skilled teams
  • Upgrade your technology and computing platform without impacting your business
  • Replace Adabas with industry-standard easy-to-access relational databases
  • Add off-the-shelf RDBMS reporting, query and business intelligence tools

ATP Convert

The fully automated ATPconvert process refactors your Adabas databases to the new database technology of your choice: SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. The process includes generation of the new database definitions, population of the tables with the current Adabas data and allows for data cleansing activities.

Your re-hosted Natural applications seamlessly process against the new relational databases without modification using the ATP runtime. Your modern web applications can access the relational databases directly, allowing you to benefit from industry-standard SQL-based reporting, query and business intelligence tools.

ATP Access

Business User Transparency

ATPaccess allows you to replatform your applications without affecting your business team's user experience. The functionality remains the same so no training is required. All screens retain the same look and feel. Even the keystrokes, tabbing and PF-keys remain unchanged. It is easy to update the default colors and backgrounds, but user interface changes are optional.

Enhanced Developer Platform

The advanced development platform provides features beyond those available to Natural developers today. With ATP, Natural developers can document their applications, debug processing at run-time, execute in dual run-mode, benefit from version control, and continue Natural development and maintenance using enhanced features and a GUI interface.

Developer Features

Robust development support for Natural developers:

  • Natural syntax is the same as the legacy language but is now easier to maintain with the ATPL Editor
  • The WYSIWYG Map Editor allows the developer to drag and drop visual objects to build screens
  • The Debugger includes setting of breakpoints and watch variables, as well as step-through mode
  • eavZoom allows the developer to jump to the currently executing line of code from anywhere in the executing application for further analysis
  • Fingertip Natural information includes flow charts, code paths, impact analysis and enterprise views
  • Dual Run-Time Mode allows the developer to seamlessly test new application features by comparing results to the original code
  • Developer Check In/Check Out/Undo Check Out and Version Tracking provide source code management
  • Internal or Active Directory Security ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see

ATP Language

Natural code is not converted for the ATP execution and no changes are required to access the new relational databases. The Natural development teams can continue to maintain and enhance the applications in a language they are accustomed to.

The current release of ATP provides the ability to replatform Natural without any change to the Natural syntax.

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