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ModSys International Ltd. “Modern Systems” Announces 2016 First Quarter Results on Monday, May 16, 2016

ModSys International Ltd. (formerly known as BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd.) (“Modern Systems”) (NASDAQ: MDSY) announced today that it will report its 2016 First Quarter financial results on Monday, May 16, 2016. See related 8-K and 10-Q filings on the Company website for full financial results and additional details.

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Money For Nothing: Why COBOL to Java Conversion Projects Fail

Successful COBOL to Java conversion is all about managing risk- of staying on legacy systems as well as the risk involved in moving to new ones. We […]

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U.S. Municipality Undergoes Mainframe Assessment to Aid IT Strategy

A heavily populated municipality in the United States is currently locked in an IDMS ADS/Online and COBOL environment, but plans to migrate away from IDMS in the near future. Modern Systems will perform a mainframe assessment to assist with planning and setting a direction for the conversion from IDMS and from ADS/Online and COBOL. The assessment will include the analysis of the IDMS dictionary and databases, as well as the COBOL applications that reside outside the IDD. As part of the mainframe assessment, the customer will receive statistics for each IDMS-based application, details on utilities in use, replacement options for their databases and code base, and a road map to move them forward.

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U.S. Logistics Firm Undergoes Mainframe Assessment

The mainframe assessment will include the standard isolation of the subsystems within payroll and will also include Business Rules isolation/extraction with Field Definition consolidation in preparation for the redesign/rewrite. Modern Systems’ eav Suite will be used to perform the automated process of gathering and documenting the business rules and field definitions.

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Modern Systems to Announce 2015 Annual Results on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Seattle, WA:  ModSys International Ltd. (formerly known as BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd.) (“Modern Systems”) (NASDAQ: MDSY) announced today that it will report its 2015 annual financial results on […]

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Modern Systems Awarded Conversion of IMS COBOL to Oracle Java by Large U.S. Manufacturer

Modern Systems has engaged in a project with a large manufacturer to eliminate their dependence on an aging mainframe environment. Modern Systems is using its expertise and automated technology to convert IMS databases to an Oracle database residing on a Java Enterprise Edition platform. Legacy application code will be converted from COBOL and IMS-DC to object-oriented Java.

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European Banking Giant Completes Mainframe Assessment with Modern Systems

Modern Systems completed the mainframe assessment for a large European Banking customer, providing the bank with a full roadmap for their IMS to DB2 conversion. The bank is now able to engage in additional resource and calendar planning for a full conversion from COBOL IMS-DC and IMS-DB to COBOL DB2. The assessment was successful and uncovered a series of additional refinement tasks that the Bank would like to perform after the conversion to DB2 is complete.

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Large International Health Agency Replatforms Natural and ADABAS with Modern Systems

Modern Systems (NASDAQ: MDSY) announced successful replacement of a large international health agency’s Software AG Adabas Natural applications. The solution replaced the Adabas databases with SQL Server databases and uses the Modern Systems advanced Application Transparency Platform (ATP®) tool suite to allow continued development and maintenance of the agency’s Natural syntax in Windows.

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