idms to sql server

IDMS to SQL Server Modernization:
Secrets of the Fortune 1000

Fortune 1000 companies refuse to let legacy nonrelational databases hold them back from SQL Server data warehousing and true business intelligence. Here’s how they’re tackling the IDMS to SQL Server challenge.

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Manufacturer/Retailer eliminates Adabas

Modern Systems completed the cut-over for the mainframe and all Software AG licenses for an east coast manufacturer/retailer. The project included database conversion from Adabas to SQL Server and the replatforming of Natural to the Modern Systems ATP for Natural Windows environment. The new application performs well and provides the same functionality as the former mainframe applications. Both online and batch code is maintained as natural syntax using the advanced developer workbench within ATP. All batch natural syntax is auto-converted to C# within ATP for execution in batch.

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Natural to Java, Natural to C#

Best Practices: Modernizing Natural to Java

Spend a few minutes browsing automated conversion solutions online and you’ll quickly realize that not all are created equal. The success of any Natural to Java […]

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Large U.S. Manufacturer to eliminate Adabas and Natural

A large U.S. manufacturer has contracted Modern Systems to eliminate Adabas and Natural from the company’s application portfolio. Modern Systems will use its automated technology to convert the Adabas databases and the related data. The new databases will use IBM’s DB2 LUW and will execute on the Linux platform. All natural code will be converted to COBOL executing in the Dell BPE/TPE environment. The conversion includes more than 14,000 Natural components and is scheduled for completion in December 2015.

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State Agency Archives IDMS to SQL Server

A U.S. northern state government purchased an IDMS Database Archive from Modern Systems for the preservation of former IDMS mainframe data in a SQL Server database. Modern Systems used its automated technology to generate a replacement database for the IDMS schema, COBOL IDMS extract programs and related JCL to extract the data from IDMS into a SQL Server Bulk Insert format, and the related FTP and FMT files for moving and loading the extracted data to SQL Server. The conversion was delivered and the archive completed within a two-month period.

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BluePhoenix and ATERAS Complete Merger; Commence Operations as Modern Systems

BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (NASDAQ: BPHX) and Sophisticated Business Systems, Inc. (d/b/a ATERAS) announced the closing of the merger of the two companies. The new combined company will adopt the Modern Systems brand identity (NASDAQ: MDSY) and be headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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Modern Systems Reports Third Quarter 2014 Results

SEATTLE, Washington – November 14, 2014 – BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (NASDAQ: BPHX) today announced third quarter 2014 results.

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Pension Management Group Selects Modern Systems for Mainframe Assessment

A large North American Pension Management Group selected Modern Systems to assess their mainframe environment as part of a larger modernization project in partnership with Fujitsu. The mainframe assessment focuses on a number of COBOL applications coupled with a DB2 data tier.

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