Database Functionality

Our IMS Conversion solution provides a complete replacement for all IMS database functionality, including:

  • IMS record layouts
  • Group-level elements
  • Redefined data within records
  • Occurring data
  • Multi-View record types
  • Parent-Child relationships
  • Indexes

Post IMS Conversion - Relational Results

When the IMS conversion is complete, the resulting relational database is fully relational. Primary keys, foreign keys, and index definitions are automatically created. All constraints are generated into the resulting DDL. Table spaces, indexes, table names, and column names are all generated according to your naming standards.

Delivered Components

As part of the delivery process, Modern Systems generates and delivers the following component types for installation in the new relational database processing environment by using DB-Shuttle:

  • DDL Syntax for the new database
  • Load Syntax (optional) for use by relational database load utility
  • RI Check Syntax (optional) for use by relational database utility package
  • RUNSTATS Syntax (optional) for use by relational database utility package
  • IMS Data Extract programs (generated in COBOL and fully self-documented) to unload all IMS data to the correct format for the relational database load utility
  • IMS Data Extract JCL (optional; customized to your environment) to execute the extracts and other key-processing utilities
  • DCLGEN syntax (optional) to define COBOL layouts of the tables for replacement applications

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