Batch Execution Comes to Linux With Modern Systems’ Latest eavJES Release

Batch Execution Comes to Linux With Modern Systems' Latest eavJES Release

batch executioneavJES batch execution suite, a Modern Systems product, enables organizations to replatform JCL and PROCS for off-mainframe execution. In its most recent release, the software’s controller, runtime, and utilities have been extended to run in Linux environments, enabling a broader range of options for customers looking to replatform JCL and PROCS without modification to the underlying code.

eavJES batch execution suite provides a system for organizations who want to preserve their JCL and PROCS, and continue to maintain them even when they move off the mainframe. It can run as an ancillary to ATP®, eav® Application Understanding, and eavRPM® products, or as a stand-alone. It also comes pre-packaged with a myriad of utility replacements (JESBR14, JESCAMS, JESEMAIL, JESFTP, JESGENER, JESSORT).

Developers maintain the JCL and PROCS according to existing JCL rules and batch execution results in the same actions, cataloging, restart, and recovery as on the mainframe. The Catalog is constantly monitored and maintained during job execution and can even allow command-line manipulation of datasets. Job classes can also be assigned different priorities with a limited number of initiators for each type. Message class setup allows output for a class to be automatically transitioned to PDF output or to email, Load Libraries can be sequenced for each eavJES environment so that the proper load modules are executed for that batch “region”, and storage units can be defined to reflect the different storage types that were used in the original mainframe environment.

eavJES also contains a function that allows jobs to be pre-scheduled for submission at a specific time or upon an occurrence of a pre-defined event. Additionally, eavJES Listeners provide the ability for other processors to submit a batch job remotely, in the same manner that the mainframe provided internal reader submission. For maximum visibility, the eavJES monitor provides operations and development teams with the ability to monitor jobs, change priorities, review outputs, and perform other batch management.

Replatforming Batch Execution: Additional Resources

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