Modern Systems Increases Fortune 100 Customer Base And Adds Large Outsourcing Partner

Seattle, WA Modern Systems (NASDAQ: MDSY), the legacy application lifecycle company, announced the addition of another Fortune 100 customer and new partnership with a leading global outsourcer.

“In the last month alone, we’ve not only added a significant Fortune 50 customer but launched a new licensing model for partners and signed our first agreement”, explains Modern Systems CEO Matt Bell. “The new customer is a Fortune 50 global logistics firm who was looking to reduce the cost and maintenance cycles of their mainframe applications. Moving from CA GEN and COBOL to Java enabled them to take advantage of a richer development community and extend functionality in a more agile fashion.

Modern Systems’ new partner is a top global IT outsourcer taking advantage of a new licensing model introduced in early 2013. “We’ve made parts of our Legacy Modernization Platform available to global SI partners, enabling them to deliver new services associated with legacy technologies”, says Bell. “This enables them to present a cohesive project management and execution plan, using their resources as the primary delivery mechanism and our resources for support.”

“The flexibility of Modern Systems’ legacy modernization platform is driving new kinds of dialogue”, adds Rick Oppedisano, Modern Systems Vice President of Product R&D and Marketing. “For customers that want to remain on the mainframe, we can reduce cost through services like Batch Off Mainframe. For customers looking to build the business case, analyze, and reduce risk around migrations, our Assessment Services can help. We still have the most advanced automated conversion technology on the market. Once customers are in their target state, through our legacy modernization platform, we can offer services like SQL Performance Tuning to ensure the ongoing success of their new applications.”

With Modern Systems, customers can:

  • Reduce MIPS and Overall Mainframe Cost By 50%
    • Modern Systems’ Batch Off Mainframe service leverages off-mainframe processing power to significantly reduce batch processing cost.
  • Unlock Legacy Data, Get the Big Picture
    • Businesses are looking to make better decisions based on data, but can be hampered by legacy systems. Modern Systems’ Database Modernization services enable companies to integrate legacy databases like IDMS with SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle.
  • Modernize legacy COBOL, Natural, CA GEN apps and legacy ADABAS, VSAM and IDMS databases
    • Modern Systems’ Automated Conversion technology is the only solution on the market that guarantees 100% business logic and functionality match between the source and target environments. This empowers customers to keep the best of their legacy system while moving to a modern codebase and infrastructure. This service translates legacy languages like Natural, CA GEN and COBOL to Java or C#- and legacy IDMS, ADABAS and VSAM to DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle.
  • Use Maintainable Code
    • Our Automated Conversion tools generate clean, maintainable Java and or C# code. This approach reduces project risk and gives the customer freedom of choice – for their architecture, data tier and physical infrastructure.

For more on Modern Systems, research, whitepapers, and case studies are all available on the company’s website at modernsystems.com.



Matt Bell, CEO


About Modern Systems

Modern Systems (NASDAQ: MDSY) is the leading provider of legacy application lifecycle solutions. The Modern Systems portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of tools and services for automated database and application migration. Leveraging over 20 years of best-practice domain expertise, Modern Systems works closely with its customers to minimize risk and provide a clear path from legacy platforms like COBOL, Natural/Adabas and others to modern solutions like SQL, DB2, Java, and more. Modern Systems customers come from diverse industries and vertical markets such as automotive, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and retail. Modern Systems has offices in the USA, UK, Italy, Romania, and Israel.

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