Modern Systems Launches COBOL Modernization App Available on AWS Marketplace

Seattle, WA October 7, 2013– Modern Systems (NASDAQ: MDSY), the global leader in legacy language and database translation, announced the release of Logic Miner Cloud Edition (CE) software for COBOL modernization, available today via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Logic Miner CE can be used to assess legacy systems and plan their transition to a modern environment. Specifically, customers using Logic Miner can:

  • Reduce risk of legacy transition and build a business case for COBOL modernization by identifying technical inventory, business logic and risk factors
  • Reduce maintenance costs of current environment by mapping out code and identifying dead code and non-functional pairings
  • Visually represent legacy environments with easy-to-understand diagrams and charts
  • Identify areas in code and processes that enable better preparation for regulatory compliance such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Clearly define migration path from mainframe to private platforms, vendor systems or the AWS cloud

The software is priced at $199/month and available via the AWS Marketplace here.

Logic Miner CE for COBOL Modernization

The analysis and data delivered by Logic Miner contributed to successful projects with customers like Northrop Grumman, Wells Fargo and University of Miami. “Logic Miner saves customers months of time doing system analysis and documentation,” says Rick Oppedisano, Modern Systems Vice President of Product R&D and Marketing. “This is a complete analysis of the legacy system, from applications to databases. Customers get open, highly structured representations of legacy artifacts and business logic. Having this kind of visibility is critical for any successful COBOL modernization project.”

With Logic Miner, customers can evaluate legacy COBOL applications and embedded languages, databases (including SQL, VSAM and DL/I), 3rd party calls, and JCL interaction.

“2014 is shaping up to be a big year in legacy COBOL modernization”, says Oppedisano. “Customers are looking for this kind of data to properly understand the risk. They can use Logic Miner to plot their course from legacy systems to the cloud. We chose the AWS Marketplace because AWS is becoming a big part of the enterprise COBOL modernization dialogue.

“The pay-per-use model of AWS is an ideal match for organizations looking to optimize costs and flexibility”,  Sajai Krishnan, General Manager, AWS Marketplace. “We welcome Modern Systems to the AWS Marketplace and are excited to work closely together with them to offer our customers more choice and flexibility. As customers look to modernize their mainframe applications, Modern Systems’ solution in AWS Marketplace is available for use with just 1-click.”

“Beyond the obvious benefits of having applications and data on open systems, customers can leverage AWS to get past the ‘peak usage’ billing model of the mainframe and experience exponential savings,” adds Oppedisano. “This was a natural way to extend our partnership with AWS, innovate and maintain leadership in our space.”

With Modern Systems’ Legacy Modernization solutions, customers can:

  • Reduce MIPS and Overall Mainframe Cost By 50%
    Modern Systems’ Batch Off Mainframe service leverages off-mainframe processing power to significantly reduce batch processing cost.
  • Unlock Legacy Data, Get the Big Picture
    Businesses are looking to make better decisions based on data, but can be hampered by legacy systems. Modern Systems’ Database Modernization services enable companies to integrate legacy databases like IDMS with SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.
  • Modernize legacy COBOL, Natural, CA Gen apps, and legacy ADABAS, VSAM and IDMS databases
    Modern Systems’ Automated Conversion technology is the only solution on the market that guarantees 100% business logic and functionality match between the source and target environments. This empowers customers to keep the best of their legacy system while moving to a modern codebase and infrastructure. This service translates legacy languages like Natural, CA Gen, and COBOL to Java or C#- and legacy IDMS, ADABAS and VSAM to DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle.
  • Use Maintainable Code
    Our Automated Conversion tools generate clean, maintainable Java and or C# code. This approach reduces project risk and gives the customer freedom of choice- for their architecture, data tier, and physical infrastructure.


For more on Modern Systems, research, whitepapers and case studies, see the company’s website at

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