Case Study: ASR Nederland’s CA Telon Retirement

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ASR is one of the largest insurers in The Netherlands, with 4,200 employees and revenue of over €5 billion in 2016. They provide private and business clients with a range of insurance products including pensions, life, non-life, health and disability insurance. They also offer services in the mortgage and banking sectors through a number of associated brands, and are active in real estate.

With almost 4,000 business critical programs running on the mainframe, developed using CA Telon, this Dutch insurance group was incurring major licensing costs every year just to keep the business running. They sought a way to keep the existing programs but reduce the cost of maintaining them by use of an alternative, modern, application development environment. They chose Casegen Enterprise. This is their story.

This case study covers the following:

  • The business case driving ASR Nederland's decision to modernize
  • The options ASR had and what the chose to do
  • Implementation and successes behind the solution they chose

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