Refactoring: Automated Conversion with DB-Shuttle

Modern Systems designed and developed a unique patent-pending automated conversion technology called DB-Shuttle, which allows modernization with 100% automation, functional equivalency, and equal or better performance […]

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Architectural Transformation with Rapid Program Modernization (eavRPM)

Architectural Transformation is the process of modernizing an existing application so that it uses a new database management system, a new language and a new look-and-feel […]

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Natural/ADABAS Replatforming with Application Transparency Platform

The Application Transparency Platform (ATP) is a revolutionary Natural Adabas Replatforming solution that provides an end-to-end strategic solution for lower license costs, higher productivity and full […]

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Best Practices for Converting ADS/Online

Disappearing resources and extended application requirements are driving ADS/Online conversion. Here are your options- and best practices for success.

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Best Practices for Undergoing a SAG Natural Conversion

Spend a few minutes browsing automated conversion solutions online and you’ll quickly realize that not all are created equal. The success of any SAG Natural conversion […]

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Three Essentials for Reducing Risk When Undergoing a COBOL Conversion

Whether migrating management support systems, operations infrastructure or reporting applications, the COBOL conversion process can be highly complex, risky, expensive and time consuming. Below, we’ll outline […]

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IMS Conversion: Options and Best Practices

IMS Conversion:  It’s All About The Data Data is one of the largest assets in any business. Accelerating an organization’s ability to share and deliver trusted […]

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Data Modernization: Moving from ADABAS to DB2

Advantages of Moving Data from ADABAS to DB2 A broad view of organizational data is vital for management reporting, business intelligence, analytics and decision support. But […]

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