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Logistics Firm Chooses Modern Systems
to Shine A Light On Legacy Systems

A large logistics firm in the United States has teamed up with Modern Systems to engage in an initial assessment of their legacy environment consisting primarily of COBOL, IMS, and DB2. A Mainframe Assessment includes full definition of the goals and areas of concentration prior to data collection. Modern Systems will use our DB-Shuttle® automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire mainframe environment. This assessment will provide the ability to fully define a modernization project plan including assignments, responsibilities, timeframes, and costs.

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Large Canadian Telco Teams Up With Modern Systems For Mainframe Assessment

A large Canadian telecommunications carrier has teamed up with Modern Systems to undergo a mainframe assessment in order to allow them to begin planning for the future of their applications. Their current mainframe environment houses applications are written in COBOL, PL/1, and Assembler. The data is stored in DB2, IMS-DB, and VSAM. In addition, they use both IMS-DC and CICS transaction processing environments.

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Modern Systems Awarded Conversion of IMS COBOL to Oracle Java by Large U.S. Manufacturer

Modern Systems has engaged in a project with a large manufacturer to eliminate their dependence on an aging mainframe environment. Modern Systems is using its expertise and automated technology to convert IMS databases to an Oracle database residing on a Java Enterprise Edition platform. Legacy application code will be converted from COBOL and IMS-DC to object-oriented Java.

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European Banking Giant Completes Mainframe Assessment with Modern Systems

Modern Systems completed the mainframe assessment for a large European Banking customer, providing the bank with a full roadmap for their IMS to DB2 conversion. The bank is now able to engage in additional resource and calendar planning for a full conversion from COBOL IMS-DC and IMS-DB to COBOL DB2. The assessment was successful and uncovered a series of additional refinement tasks that the Bank would like to perform after the conversion to DB2 is complete.

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European Banking Giant to Undergo IMS Assessment with Modern Systems

A large European bank has selected Modern Systems to perform a detailed IMS assessment so that the proper scope can be defined for a possible automated conversion effort. This mainframe assessment will include automated collection and inventory, analysis, and measurement of all software and database components in the current environment. The assessment begins with a question-and-answer session and ends with the presentation of findings and plans for a successful modernization effort.

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Global Aerospace Giant to Engage Modern Systems for IMS Data Archiving Proof of Concept

A global aerospace manufacturer is undergoing a proof of concept with Modern Systems for the preservation of former IMS mainframe data in an Oracle database. Modern Systems will use its automated technology to generate a replacement database for the sample consisting of 3 DBDs with 12 segments, deliver the proof of concept to the customer, and aid in developing a project plan for the larger data archive initiative.

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Healthcare Provider Plans for IMS Migration with Assessment from Modern Systems

A large health care provider needed to plan and budget for a future migration project of their IMS Databases and applications. Modern Systems performed a complete mainframe assessment of their legacy applications and databases. The results identified more than 50,000 in scope components with over 20 million lines of code. Applications were segregated and data access trends identified. Modern Systems provided comprehensive reports to allow the provider to confidently plan for the upcoming conversion.

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National Health Care Organization Modernizes to COBOL Oracle from IMS/VSAM

A national health care organization wants to move to a Windows platform using Java and DB2. Modern Systems is currently converting the database and data from IMS and VSAM while modernizing the COBOL using eavRPM. The resulting applications will run using IBM’s Websphere Application Server. 13 million lines of code were assessed at the start of the project which was narrowed down to 3.4 million lines of code in use.

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