Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS)

Collaborative cloud-based
legacy application modernization platform

ModPaaS is a purpose-built, customizable cloud solution that allows for highly collaborative participation throughout the journey of a legacy application modernization project. ModPaaS provides access to Modern Systems-developed modernization solutions “as a service” in a secure cloud-based environment. ModPaaS allows you to move through the modernization journey at your own pace in a completely self-service manner, with assistance from Modern Systems modernization specialists, or in a fully managed approach (similar to a traditional project engagement).

ModPaaS is now available for customers looking to analyze mainframe legacy code, understand interrelationships, complexity, dependencies and mine business rules. These are essential activities in order to successfully plan for any complex modernization project.

Having access to ModPaaS allows you to:

  • Perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing legacy applications, including asset count and asset type categorization, missing and unreferenced components, program flows, impact and code path analysis, reporting and documentation, and more.
  • Categorize objects and applications to determine disposition options (e.g. rehost, automatically convert, reengineer, replace, etc.), and drive ongoing modernization initiatives with different levels of assistance.
  • Trace and isolate COBOL-based business rules which can be reused for reengineering initiatives.
  • Develop a strategic modernization plan which includes recommendations and estimates that best suit your individual technical and business needs.
  • Select and extract code to be modernized. As an example, you can select code specific to the UI layer or data access objects to aid microservices development efforts.

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