COBOL Application Modernization Webinar

This webinar covers business drivers, technical details and stories of real-life COBOL Modernization successes and failure. We’ll focus on the top drivers for the last 10 Fortune 1000 firms we’ve worked with.

  • Introduction: You’re Not Alone:
    Brief overview of the top 5 reasons driving COBOL application modernization at Fortune 1000 companies
  • What’s Out There?
    Evaluating benefits, risk and cost of the 3 most common COBOL modernization solutions used in Fortune 1000 companies
  • What’s Right for Me?
    Common business requirements that drive each solution choice
  • Modernization Secrets of the Fortune 1000
    Case studies of non-conventional and creative ways larger firms have addressed non-conventional modernization scenarios
  • Discussion/Q&A


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