COBOL Application Modernization

Automated COBOL Conversion

Converts codebase from COBOL to modern Java or C# while maintaining business logic.
Great for applications that need minimal feature or capability extension.

The Modern Systems COBOL reengineering solution generates fully web-based applications to replace current CICS, IMS-DC, and IDMS-DC COBOL applications. Whether reengineering COBOL to .NET or COBOL to Java, the result is a fresh set of new web applications that take full advantage of web processing while providing the same basic functionality as the existing COBOL applications. With our tool-based reengineering of COBOL to C# or Java, any former database or file access is replaced with object processing against the relational database of choice.

After the project is complete, the new C# and Java applications are maintained in Visual Studio, Eclipse, or any other standard IDE. The new relational database can be from a Modern Systems database conversion (IDMS, Adabas, IMS, or VSAM), a purchased relational database, or a relational database designed from scratch. The new application is native to Java or .NET, has a very small code footprint (like COBOL), and can include buttons, pull-downs, hyperlinks, gridviews, and other web features. In addition, the new data access methods are easily used "as a service" by other applications.

Modern Systems can provide the COBOL tool-assisted reengineering as a service, or our customers can use the eavRPM® tool suite to perform the reengineering project in their own timeframe, implementing their own standards, and following their own specifications for look and feel in the new .NET and Java applications.

Tool-Assisted Reengineering

Extend capabilities of modernized applications to include web services, APIs, and more.

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