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Modernizing the Nonrelational Database

In less time than it takes to watch an episode of Breaking Bad, you'll learn how the world's biggest
companies are tackling the legacy database challenge.

Discover the value hidden in your legacy database.  Evaluate the impact of modernization and the best paths for getting there. 

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  • Brief overview of the Top 5 factors driving data modernization in Fortune 1000 companies
  • Benefits, risk and cost of the 3 most common data modernization solutions used in Fortune 1000 companies
  • Common business requirements that drive specific solution choices
  • Non-conventional and creative ways larger firms have addressed complex modernization solutions
  • Discussion/Q&A

Your guides on this journey are field-tested, data modernization experts.

Cindy Howard
Vice President, Technology and Solutions

Cindy Howard, VP of Technology

A recognizable and influential voice in modernization for over 20 years, Cindy has helped customers like Edward Jones, Progressive Insurance and more plan and execute successful data modernization strategies. Howard’s expertise includes requirements analysis, data modeling, database design, conversion and implementation.

Rob Anderson
Director of Product Management

Rob Anderson, Director of Product Management

Rob ensures our solution features and benefits stay ahead of competitors and fulfill market needs. Prior to Modern Systems, Rob spent a decade developing and supporting network security and managed services solutions. His diverse background provides a unique perspective on modernization and its role in the enterprise.

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