Mainframe Assessment
with Enterprise Application Viewer (eav)

Mainframe Assessment with eav Technology Reduces Modernization Risk, Cost

A proper mainframe assessment using Modern Systems eav technology propels any IT organization into a state of fast problem resolution, accurate impact analysis, and complete up-to-date application documentation, regardless of how team members have come and gone. It provides both business and technical teams with instant insight into application flow, cross-program or intraprogram flow, and even field-level usage across your entire enterprise.

Many IT organizations are experiencing difficulties with application maintenance and enhancement that is caused by the “newness” of their technical teams and the lack of up-to-date documentation regarding the applications. Many have seen the “original design team” or “everyone that knew that system” move ahead to management, other technologies, or retirement. Identifying the source of some production problems is a week-long battle, when it once was a matter of minutes or hours.

eav Reduces Costs

The Enterprise Application Viewer is a complete analytical team within a single tool. eav provides both application and business teams with the ability to quickly understand and follow the logic within applications, between applications and within programs.

IT teams no longer need technical specialists for each application. A core team of programmers and analysts can debug, maintain, and enhance multiple complex applications within any environment using eav.

Organizations can reduce IT costs dramatically:

  • Reduce maintenance costs, which often account for more than 75% of an IT budget
  • Reduce downtime by resolving critical production issues in a fraction of the time
  • Reduce project cost overruns by accurately estimating enhancements and new development efforts
  • Maintain, enhance and develop applications with fewer team members
  • Reduce IT project headcount by including business team members in IT analysis
  • Maintain up-to-date application documentation with no human resources
  • View statistics across all applications to make more information portfolio management decisions

Increase Productivity & Understanding

eav provides any IT programmer or business analyst the ability to research and resolve issues quickly. Even without prior knowledge of the application functionality and without in-depth eav, mainframe assessmentknowledge of the programming language, minimal research can lead directly to the source of an issue.

With eav, any team member can:

  • Begin analysis with an error message or a transaction ID
  • Quickly isolate business rules leading to a result
  • Become expert in complex application processing
  • Perform fast and accurate research and impact analysis

Reduce Risk & Define Impact

The Enterprise Application Viewer takes the guess work out of mainframe assessment. Finally, your business and technical analysts have full visibility into your complex applications and can predict the impact of specific changes across your environment. Business Rules are visible and easy to analyze. Entire teams can become knowledgeable about any set of applications, eliminating the risk associated with a reduced or retiring technical staff. Your teams can visualize the impact of a change and predict the outcome of a change with only minutes of effort.

Reach Documentation Compliance

eav automatically updates its documentation repository every time that a production program changes, whether the change is made on your mainframe or in your network environment. All program and application documentation is always up-to-date without any effort from any of your team members. Unique in the documentation industry, Enterprise Application Viewer’s printed documentation can stand alone to fully document any program and its relationship to all other program artifacts. With eav’s graphical workbenches, documentation and application research is completely interactive.

Increase Agility

With the Enterprise Application Viewer, your IT team is armed with a tool suite to quickly change, enhance, and expand your application portfolio to better meet your business demands, increase your market potential and meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.

With eav, mainframe assessment is faster, simpler and safer.

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