Architectural Transformation with Rapid Program Modernization (eavRPM)


Architectural Transformation is the process of modernizing an existing application so that it uses a new database management system, a new language and a new look-and-feel but retains the same basic functionality. Architectural Transformation at Modern Systems is performed using eavRPM (Rapid Program Modernization) to develop the new application, allowing business analysts to be involved in the decision of what business rules to retain and what visual and navigational enhancements should be incorporated.

Preserve Business Logic, Increase Agility and Features

eavRPM allows a user to copy and paste mainframe maps, business rules and other source code from mainframe languages to web pages quickly and easily. Modernization can be performed as a service by Modern Systems or by your team using eavRPM licenses. The result: Native web applications with no middleware, no black boxes, and no ongoing license fees. The benefit: Leverage your proven business rules with a brand new user interface, continued keyboard features with new mouse-driven and scrollable features, and much lower operating costs for your organization. The bottom line: Less cost, more features, full agility, complete scalability, and the ability to add colors, graphics, video and all of the visual interest that today’s world wide web offers.

eavRPM uses your mainframe applications as the basis for new off-mainframe applications. It produces object-oriented applications that are easy for your C# and Java teams to maintain and enhance. It produces web applications that contain the business processes that you use today along with all of the enhancements that the web offers – mouse-driven features, pull-downs, checkboxes, gridviews, etc.

Fast and Flexible Development

For pennies per screen in an afternoon, leverage your existing applications to construct the entire web application prototype, including all of the screen layouts and full screen-to-screen traversal. The new HTML pages and the C# or Java code-behind files are generated by eavRPM based upon the existing map layouts. The transformation process continues with copying-and-pasting the business rules into the new pages.

The development of Enterprise Application Viewer Rapid Program Modernization (eavRPM) was driven by market demand for a complete suite of tools that enable concurrent application modernization during the migration process. In essence, companies that wanted to be able to modernize their applications at the same time they were migrating to newer platforms can now accomplish this goal. Organizations can seamlessly transform mainframe applications to C# or Java while also having the freedom to customize the user interface and the functionality of your existing applications. It is also possible to take full advantage of relational technologies, such as Microsoft’s SQL Server, and new platforms, such as the .NET Framework.

eavRPM: How It Works

eavRPM was designed to simplify the modernization process by leveraging a direct connection to SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. Users create modern applications via an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Simply capture lines of COBOL or Natural code and eavRPM automatically refactors it to C# or Java.

Even your business analysts who don’t have prior programming skills can specify the basic screen processing needed to enhance business performance. They use point-and-click master page definitions and build visual templates with consistent headings, footers, etc. They can also split, merge or change screens for ease of use. Depending on its scope, a complete application can be prototyped in a matter of hours or even minutes. Style sheets are also available to maintain visual consistency in your modernized program. Company logos are easily dragged and dropped in for a uniform look. Database queries and other objects are similarly dropped in place to standardize object access.



Intuitive Tool Set

eavRPM is a strategic tool that delivers a custom, efficient user environment. With an easy-to-use painter, a user can drag and drop logos, objects and database queries, modernizing the application on the fly while maintaining code functionality. Because of its ease of use, on-staff business analysts can create new applications appropriate to your business environment.

With point-and-click source definition, the system generates real-time data previews for testing to ensure you get the desired results. This rapid modernization method means that web pages can be created in just seconds.

“Native” Applications

While many conversion tools result in completely different business functions, eavRPM lets you use native browser features as it provides full object support, such as literals, fields, drop-downs, check boxes and buttons. Consequently, your users will be familiar with the processes once the system transformation and modernization are complete.

Because eavRPM generates native C# or Java solutions, it is able to generate true C# objects that are delivered to Visual Studio as a project, or object-based Java applications that are delivered to your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of choice. No additional tools are required.

Reduced Costs

From a business perspective, eavRPM makes fiscal sense. It frees companies of the licensing fees that can often cripple an IT budget, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Once the modernization is complete, you won’t need to use it any longer. There are no hidden licensing fees or proprietary software to hold your organization financially or structurally captive.

Intuitive copy features allow users to capture lines of COBOL or Natural code that can then be pasted directly into the tool. The result is pure C# or Java code generated for the modernized program. The new program maintains the integrity of the legacy code functionality.

With eavRPM, reduce costs across the organization:

  • Reduce maintenance costs, which often account for more than 75% of an IT  budget
  • Reduce downtime by resolving critical production issues in a fraction of the time
  • Reduce project cost overruns by accurately estimating enhancements and new development efforts
  • Maintain, enhance, and develop applications with fewer team members
  • Reduce IT project headcount by including business team members in IT eavRPM analysis and customization
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