COBOL to Java: A CEO’s Story, Live From Gartner Symposium

Check out this event on demand video about our unique COBOL to Java Migration engagement with AeroSoft Systems, featuring our VP of Global R&D, Rick Oppedisano and AeroSoft Systems CEO Thanos Kaponeridis. Video was filmed when Modern Systems was known as BluePhoenix Solutions.

Key Facts of Engagement:

  • Automated Conversion service was used to translate over 800 programs from AcuCOBOL to Java and migrated data from C-ISAM to a modern SQL Server environment.
  • A successful COBOL to Java conversion enabled Aerosoft to keep the proven business logic and functionality of their application
  • Modernized application gets new features to the market faster
  • Reduced maintenance cycles through better data normalization and by uniting language and platforms with other AeroSoft Systems products
  • Increased the addressable market for AeroSoft Systems by extending the technology to meet more customer requirements

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