How to Avoid Legacy Modernization Tales from the Crypt

It’s less than 24 hours before Halloween, and as the big day draws closer, here at Modern Systems, we can’t help thinking about how so many of our customers view their legacy environments as analogous to a horror story: Something dangerous, something to be feared, and ultimately something many want to inevitably avoid.

There is hope if you want to ward off the fear of a failed modernization project. More importantly, to get your business to a state of maturity, one in which you can finally realize the benefits associated with elastic IT methods, you have to overcome your fears of the unknown.

Having experienced partners skilled not only in conversion techniques, but also in large scale, in depth analysis techniques is the key to success. It’s important to consider what your chief concerns are for an application migration project. Are you terrified of security issues? Or is your biggest fear facing the trail of zombies related to the dearth of skills left to manage your legacy systems? Maybe you are interested in forging ahead with a cloud strategy, but when you think about untangling your monolithic applications you are taken back circa 1964 to The Strangler.

These are all legitimate goals and concerns.  No one wants their IT environment to become a horror flick. It is critical, however, that you first take the time to understand your entire IT environment. Do you even know what you have? Do you have all of the application metrics, complexity statistics, dependencies on other applications, third party utilities and products, and so on?

Prior to beginning any modernization initiative, a robust assessment should be completed using automated tooling to identify, classify and analyze assets. This critical part of the process will help determine the modernization approach and roadmap best suited for individual or groups of applications supporting your core business. This might include parsing an application source code and database conversion project, replatforming with limited change, or embarking on an incremental reengineering transformation journey to a cloud-native environment, including an opportunity to take advantage of microservices.

Don’t be like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween, running around hiding for fear of the unknowns (aka Jason lurking in the shadows). Take charge of your environment and don’t be afraid to take the plunge with a modernization project. Just be sure to seek out an experienced modernization partner with a proven track record who can handle not only the migration execution, but also give you a fully fleshed out assessment in order to know how best to proceed.

Download our ModPaaS Solution Overview to begin your cloud assessment today.

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