How To Reduce MIPS In Core Mainframe Apps

The smartphone generation of consumers expect services to launch in seconds; if they don’t, dissatisfaction is often expressed very swiftly, scathingly, and publicly. As a result, CIOs are feeling the pressure: In a Compuware-commissioned study, 91% of those surveyed said performance expectations of the mainframe have increased now that customer-facing applications are using it.

So how can you reduce MIPS without disrupting the experience for the business and end users? This whitepaper breaks down the current MIPS usage landscape and options for MIPS reduction that make sense.

Ideal audiences for this document include:
legacy modernization, mainframe assessment, cobol assessment
  • Enterprise Architects seeking to kickstart modernization efforts with low-risk cost savings
  • CFOs looking to dramatically reduce license spend associated with mainframe applications
  • CIOs looking to streamline systems and add efficiencies

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