Database Functionality

Modern Systems designed and developed DB-Shuttle® for IDMS conversion to address the conversion of all data relationships and traversal defined within each IDMS schema. The Modern Systems solution provides a complete replacement for all IDMS database functionality:

  • IDMS record layouts
  • Group-level elements
  • Occurs and redefines clauses within IDMS record definitions
  • Set definitions (record-to-record relationships)
  • System-owned indexes
  • Bill-of-material structures
  • Multi-member sets
  • Multi-set relationships between two record types
  • Duplicate CALC designations
  • Sorted sets with duplicates first, last or not allowed
  • Chained sets that are stored first or last
  • NEXT sets that allow the application code to keep member records in any order

Post IDMS Conversion - Relational Results

The resulting relational database is fully relational. Primary keys, foreign keys and index definitions are automatically created. All constraints are generated into the resulting DDL. Table spaces, indexes, table names and column names are all generated according to your naming standards.

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