Key Takeaways from the 34th ICSME Conference Madrid 2018

Last week we enjoyed collaborating with students, academics, peers and customers at the 34th ICSME 2018 Conference in Madrid, Spain. Here are our top takeaways from the event:

One, legacy doesn’t necessarily mean old.

The term “legacy” is typically used to describe decades-old mainframe-based COBOL applications. However, this week at the ICSME there was an interesting case being made that in today’s world, a mere 7-year-old web-based application can be viewed by some as being “legacy.” While many will immediately think “mainframe” when the term legacy is mentioned, it’s clear that any enterprise-scale modernization initiative must take all types of application workloads into consideration.

Two, now is the time to modernize, and organizations that don’t make the leap a top priority will be left behind.

The modernization of COBOL, Natural, Assembler and other similar mainframe-based legacy applications is fast becoming more and more an urgent priority. Sooner or later organizations are going to be forced to react, so the sooner off you start, the better. One way to get things going is to perform an assessment of your applications, operations and supporting infrastructure in order to understand your potential risk, determine what you actually have, and most importantly, build a strategic future modernization roadmap.

We thoroughly enjoyed the conference and the collaboration in gorgeous Madrid, and hope to see you at an upcoming IEEE event.

In the words of the IEEE committee, “It’s not about the number of nodes, but about the connections among them.”

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