Mainframe Datashare empowers true business intelligence by integrating non-relational databases still on the mainframe with relational data warehouses. This service:

  • Is non-invasive, does not require a migration and does not add to mainframe footprint
  • Enables holistic visibility and analysis of key operational data which was previously unavailable
  • Reduces MIPS consumption by shifting report functionality off mainframe
  • Offers automated provision, ongoing replication and confirmation of data from nonrelational DBMS to Oracle, SQL Server or DB2

Additional Resources

  • Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Case Study - A webinar recording of the details behind this compelling case study in Wales. Mainframe DataShare was used to archive legacy data to meet compliance and leave the mainframe.
  • Liberate Legacy Data - A broad view of organizational data is vital for management reporting, business intelligence, analytics and decision support. This whitepaper outlines common challenges in handling data locked up in legacy systems, the options for solving them and a detailed breakdown of Modern Systems' solution using an IDMS database as an example.
  • Archiving Data For New ERP Deployments - Discover how archiving legacy data can offer a refreshing alternative for lowering the cost of an ERP system.
Case Studies
  • How Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Retired Big Iron in Under 4 Months - Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water replaced their mainframe-based Customer Accounting System applications with a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution running on Windows. However, regulatory requirements mandated that at least seven years of customer billing data was to be archived and accessible at all times, a request which the COTS solution was unable to accommodate. As a result, three IDMSX databases containing all seven years of required historical billing data were left in place on the mainframe to meet the requirement, to be accessed as needed. Learn how Modern Systems came in, converted the IDMSX databases to a single SQL Server database, migrated the applications used to access the data to Windows, and helped Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water shut their costly big iron down for good, in less than four months.
  • Sharing Mainframe Data Across the Enterprise - Companies House is Britain’s government bureau with responsibility for recording and storing all information that the country’s 1.8 million limited companies must share with the public. For years, Companies House gathered this information in their customized IDMS application. They elected to move this system to a Unix platform running Oracle in order to curb costs, streamline development work on the application and web-enable their data. Enter Modern Systems' Mainframe DataShare.

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