Legacy Application Modernization Services

A Fresh Approach to Modernization

Providing shared risk, end-to-end fixed-bid engagements leveraging legacy modernization solutions and a highly automated approach, allowing for custom levels of client collaboration via a cloud-based platform.

Assessment & Planning

Asset understanding and classification of source code and data types. Asset categorization / grouping. Operational and Infrastructure planning and analysis. End-to-end tactical planning.

Mainframe Modernization

Modernize on or off the Mainframe - supporting IBM, Fujitsu and others. Multiple modernization options such as ­Automated Conversion, Rehosting, Business Rules Mining and ­Rearchitecture.

COBOL Modernization

Supporting multiple COBOL dialects, on or off the mainframe and midrange. Multiple modernization options such as Automated Conversion to Java or C#, Rehosting, Business Rules Mining and Rearchitecture

Platform Modernization

Traditional on-premises or cloud-based deployment options. Cloud-specific deployment strategy consulting. Operations, infrastructure, ongoing management and monitoring.

Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS)

Cloud-based collaborative platform for application modernization projects. Self-service or Modern Systems assisted. Central point for managing the modernization journey

Heads up! This website is no longer being updated as of 2022. For the most up-to-date information on Advanced's modernization services and/or for any enquiries, go to modernsystems.oneadvanced.com.