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A poor understanding of legacy code is the #1 cause of failure in modernization projects.
A Mainframe Assessment is a method of understanding existing application components of a mainframe environment before deciding whether to perform a modernization project. A Mainframe Assessment includes full definition of the goals and areas of concentration prior to data collection. Modern Systems uses automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire mainframe application environment. This assessment provides the ability to fully define a modernization project plan including assignments, responsibilities, timeframes, and costs. This service:

  • Ensures business rules and technical use cases are documented
  • Ensures no critical requirements or functionality are left out of the target state design
  • Includes option selection analysis and cost modeling for modernization roadmap
  • Saves time and money by using automated technologies

Mainframe Assessment Overview

Mainframe components are classified and listed in detail and notes are attached to components requiring special attention during the conversion process. All application components are inventoried, classified by language, and cross-referenced. Missing components are collected and added to the inventory, while duplicate components residing in multiple customer repositories are eliminated from the inventory. The Assessment results in a complete understanding of the current processing environment.

Modern Systems designed and developed its automation technology to allow preliminary conversion of the database design and application software during the Assessment. This preliminary conversion further defines areas of concentration and is used in preparation of the project plan for the full conversion. It also proves the conversion concept and identifies any special requirements for a successful conversion. No converted code is delivered as part of the Assessment. All of the collected source code is parsed down to the line and field level and stored as metadata in the database. Portions of this source code metadata can be packaged and made available to the customer teams for additional analysis if desired.

Areas of Concentration

During the Mainframe Assessment, Modern Systems will define a set of topics that must be addressed prior to modernization.
Once these Areas of Concentration are identified, customer teams and Modern Systems will address the areas about which they are most knowledgeable and for which they are best suited to implement a solution.  Any additional Areas of Concentration that are identified during the course of the Assessment will be addressed and assigned in the same manner, to the most appropriate team.

Mainframe Assessment Process

A Mainframe  Assessment has a well-defined process that includes automated collection and inventory, analysis, and measurement of all software and database components in the current customer environment. The assessment begins with a question-and-answer session and ends with the presentation of findings and plans for the modernization effort. Iterations of re-collection and re-assessment may be required and performed as additional components are identified and brought into the assessment scope. The assessment process is 100 percent automated, so it is fast, simple and comprehensive.

Mainframe Assessment - Reports
  • Component List Detail
  • Component List Summary
  • Logical Applications by Component - Summary
  • Logical Applications Matrix
  • Logical Applications Message Detail
  • DML Usage Detail
  • DML Usage Matrix
  • DML Usage Summary
  • Missing Component Detail
  • Missing Component Summary
  • Duplicate Components
  • Resolved Component Dependency
  • File Usage by Batch Program
  • File Usage by DDName
  • File Usage by DSN
  • File Usage by Online Program
  • Stub Header
  • Subschema Logical Record Detail
  • Subschema Logical Record Matrix
  • Subschema Record Matrix
  • Subschema View Matrix
  • Logical Application by Logical Application
  • Logical Applications by Component - Detail
  • Logical Applications by Component - Matrix
  • TOPS (Online and batch application entry points)
Mainframe Assessment Tasks Include:
  • Presentation of both technical and business findings
  • Definition of the overall customer processing
  • Details of missing and duplicate components
  • Summarization of areas requiring special attention during conversion
  • Documentation of all areas of concern
  • Organization of primary findings into an Executive Summary
  • Disclosure of recommended actions

Modern Systems' Mainframe Assessment Process


  • eav Datasheet - Enterprise Application Viewer (eav) is an application understanding and documentation tool. Visit the product page here
  • Mainframe Assessment Whitepaper - This whitepaper explains why a detailed assessment and understanding of legacy applications and databases is essential for risk mitigation, environmental understanding, and proper strategic technological planning and decision-making.
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