The following frequently asked questions may be used as a starting point for learning how eavRPM® can be implemented in your reengineering effort.

What is eavRPM?
The Enterprise Application Viewer eav provides developers and analysts with the ability to analyze application and program flow, to perform impact analysis, to view up-to-date program documentation, and to be highly productive in gaining understanding regarding a program or a set of programs. eavRPM uses the eav platform and is installed as an add-on. eavRPM for Rapid Program Modernization is a desktop toolset that allows mainframe COBOL and Natural developers to quickly create native C# .NET and Java web sites using the existing mainframe COBOL and Natural applications as a basis. With eavRPM, the developer or analyst can: - Capture and use the mainframe screen layouts as a basis for the new web pages - Select lines of original code that can be translated into eavMacros
Who should use eavRPM?
eavRPM is designed to be used by teams who: - Know the language of the current application (COBOL or Natural) - Understand the processing of the current application - Can execute the current application as they are developing the new web app With eavRPM, the team members performing the modernization use a set of programming commands that are very similar to COBOL and Natural. They do not use C# or Java and do not use the Visual Studio or Java IDEs.
How should our reengineering/modernization team be structured?
The team should include: - At least one analyst who is very familiar with the application - An applications database administrator who is familiar with the existing database structures and files - An applications database administrator who is familiar with the new relational database structure and processing environment - A systems-level resource who can assist with the setup and configuration of the eavRPM run-time and of the new web site - Developers who know the current language (COBOL or Natural)
How long does it take to modernize an application?
The timeframe will vary based upon the type of application. The modernization timeframe for menu programs is generally from 10 to 60 minutes. Modernization time "per screen" is generally one to ten hours for general data entry or inquiry list processing. Modernization times for programs that use many subroutines or that perform behind-the-screen functions that are not visible through the user interface are more difficult. These may require several days to complete.
Is there Online Help?
Yes. Both eav and eavRPM contain complete Online Help systems that present details about how to use each screen and each feature within the eav and eavRPM workbenches.
What are the prerequisites to using eavRPM?
Before you begin using eavRPM, you must have: - Detailed understanding of the current source code language (COBOL or Natural) - Knowledge about how to use the application that you plan to modernize - The appropriate permissions to execute the current COBOL or Natural version of the application - A relational database that contains data that the new web application can use - An instance of eav that contains all of the source code Objects that will be modernized - Experience in using eav to analyze code, gain program understanding and isolate business rules - A desktop computer that has eavRPM installed and has access to the relational database that contains data for the new application

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