Major Airline Soars with Successful Application Modernization Project

Modern Systems has completed a successful conversion project for a major global airline company. The project has helped to significantly reduce IT costs, and smoothly modernize the airline’s applications, allowing the company to better focus on its core business value of delivering exceptional travel experiences for customers worldwide.

The users had a very specific set of criteria for success in this project. Not only did the project need to support certain cost savings goals, but it also needed to ensure there was no disruption to the airline’s business, and that none of the team members would need to retrain or relearn anything. Modern Systems was the perfect partner for this effort.

The Modern Systems-led IDMS to DB2 Mainframe Applications Conversion project enabled the airline’s IDMS applications and databases to be moved to CICS / DB2 and archived to SQL Server.  Modern Systems also is providing support to the airline post-conversion, in order for the organization to have a full understanding of their architecture and their converted software.

“We are proud of the work we have accomplished for this customer,” said Brandon Edenfield, president and CEO of Modern Systems. “The customer team has been exceptionally pleased with the results and we know it will serve them well in terms of having a faster, more integrated, secure and modern application framework from which to continue to service their customer needs and digitally transform their business.”

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