Modern Systems Bags Deal with Jetro Cash and Carry for COBOL to Microsoft Switch

Jetro Goes from COBOL to C#

Herndon, VA: Modern Systems (www.modernsystems.com) (NASDAQ: MDSY), the legacy application lifecycle company, announced another new customer with Jetro Holdings, LLC.

Jetro Holdings, LLC, founded in 1976, is the USA's leading wholesale provider for grocery retailers and foodservice operators. Jetro Holdings, LLC is the parent company of Restaurant Depot and Jetro Cash and Carry. The company operates over 100 outlets nationwide that provide food and nonfood products under national brands and private labels, including packaging, paper goods, and foodservice equipment.

Jetro had maintained a highly customized legacy COBOL environment for operational data management and reporting.  The company's strong growth and desire for business agility prompted evaluation and subsequent replacement of the legacy environment.

Modern Systems legacy modernization technology will be used to migrate the legacy language and database from COBOL to a new environment leveraging C#, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, Windows Server and Hyper-V.

Andres Cubero, CIO of Jetro Cash & Carry, acknowledged the business benefits of moving to the new platform. “The old platform was built on infrastructure that was expensive and hard to maintain.  We tried a commercial ERP solution but found the business logic of the legacy platform served our needs better. The Modern Systems solution enables us to maintain the business logic of the legacy environment while taking advantage of newer, more robust Microsoft technologies.  We'll be able to process and share data between business groups quicker with less risk, creating a distinct competitive advantage for Jetro."

“Our solution is unique in that we preserve the business logic layer and generate a target environment that has maintainable code," says Rick Oppedisano, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Modern Systems. “This approach reduces project risk and empowers the customer to keep the most desirable aspects of the legacy environment."

“By moving to SQL Server from the mainframe data stores, IT is able to deliver on self-service Business Intelligence (BI)," says Bob Ellsworth, Microsoft Worldwide Director of Platform Modernization. “SQL Server's integrated analytics and reporting services enables the end-users to derive their own insights to drive quicker and better informed decisions."

Adds Cubero, “Our goal is to make better decisions faster and overcome the challenges associated with non-relational databases. We selected Modern Systems because of their significant experience, proven solutions and support."

“Jetro is undertaking a project of great scale," says Matt Bell, CEO of Modern Systems. “We are happy to work with their team and help reduce the risk around delivery of these services through our automated technology."

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