Modern Systems Kicks Off Modernization Initiative for US Government Entity

As many a Gartner analyst will attest, COBOL modernization is becoming a high priority for the US government.  The ability to reduce costs while enabling data and business process integration is necessary for modernization of the country’s IT infrastructure and for the nation’s security.

Modern Systems has completed the first stage of our Automated Conversion process, the Legacy Assessment, for a large US government entity. The Assessment is a method of understanding existing program and script components of a mainframe environment before deciding whether to perform a modernization (Automated Conversion, Replatforming, Tool-Assisted Reengineering, or Portfolio Optimization) project. A Legacy Assessment includes full definition of the goals and areas of concentration prior to data collection. Modern Systems uses DB-Shuttle® automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire mainframe application environment. This assessment provides the ability to fully define a modernization project plan including assignments, responsibilities, timeframes, and costs.

This client has chosen to modernize their legacy environment by moving the application layer from COBOL to Java and the data tier from a handful of legacy architectures (DB2 and VSAM) to relational Oracle DB, all housed on a Linux platform. Automated Conversion delivers a modern application and data tier with 100% like-for-like functionality as compared to the legacy application, based on fully maintainable open systems. This reduces cost, allows for deeper integration, and enables customization to meet business requirements. This solution is great for moving legacy apps to Java or C#, and databases to SQL Server, DB2, or Oracle.

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