Modern Systems’ Lands on Top Tier Modernization Analyst Report

The amount of interest seen in the application modernization software and services market continues to heat up.  As a leading company specifically focused on true ‘legacy modernization’ for Fortune 1000 customers, we see these trends every day in the work we do, and we feel the pain of our customers trying to grapple with tough decisions that keep them awake at night.

Questions ranging from the simple, what are the business requirements, to where do we start; and finally, what are our options? The ‘do nothing’ approach comes with a high price tag, and organizations can no longer afford to stand still and miss the boat to modernize, especially if they want to take advantage of more cutting edge features offered through the cloud, including macro and microservices.

As customers look to educate themselves on what their options are, industry analyst reports are often of high value. We’re proud to announce that we have been named a ‘modernization specialist’ in a key report that aims to do just that.  Forrester’s Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services Q1 2019 Report is designed for Infrastructure and Operations professionals to understand the primary segments and capabilities of application modernization and migration services providers, in order to make ideal selection strategies.

The report breaks down the realities of modernization activities, recommending customers seek out vendors to help:

  • Address the skills shortages in legacy and cloud technologies by leveraging outside talent
  • Accelerate digital transformation with modernization and cloud migration expertise
  • Save money by eliminating reliance on outmoded solutions and technologies

So what’s the significance of this report to customers?  There are a few key takeaways that we think are worth mentioning:

Get introduced to a credible overview of the application modernization landscape

The existence of credible, unbiased research on the modernization market is pretty sparse, so the mere fact that a top research outfit has taken the time to formally report on the industry is reason enough to invest time in reading it.  Unfortunately, our industry has seen its fair share of ‘clickbait’ custom industry surveys from firms who most likely don’t know how to spell legacy modernization, let alone capture the market leaders and effectively rank solution capabilities.

With this new report, Forrester provides organizations with a refreshing take on the market that’s current, relevant and from a trusted brand source.

Seek help over hype

Additionally, the report offers a balanced account of three categories of players at different sizes and with different areas of expertise, and while it doesn’t directly state this, it reminds us of a cautionary tale around the philosophy of hiring the largest, most well-known firm and assuming that on that basis alone you’ve made a wise and safe choice. While the report does cover the large, traditional IT players, it does a fair job of also covering midsized and specialist smaller firms. In addition to making the audience think harder about different types of players, it’s a subtle reminder that just listening to vendor-led marketing claims can get you into serious trouble, with failing projects, delayed timelines and cost over-runs.

Over hyped vendor claims such as ‘mainframe to cloud in 60 seconds,’ or promises about ‘easy fixes’ to decades old programming code powering mission critical applications do not paint a realistic picture of the expected outcome one should have of these difficult transformation projects.  And, in the world of modernization, an overhyped solution- when taken at face value—can manifest itself in the form of a false start.   We see many situations where complete re-haul is needed, as the customer can no longer bear the weight of a failing project.   In these cases, our aim is to turn the situation around as efficiently as possible, giving the customer a converted code base that is both usable and maintainable, and that fully meets their technical and business requirements.

Look across the partner ecosystem, and bundle if it makes sense

Last, Forrester provides sage advice to customers around exploring an ecosystem of partners and bundling/combining services and products, which is often a good idea for certain customer environments.

If you’ve been eagerly tuned into Game of Thrones these past few weeks like we have, then you can fully appreciate the notion that different battles call for different weaponry.  To attack monolithic applications, you might need to go into battle with a combination of weapons.  Forrester recommends being realistic and creative in your approach to working with various experts and we agree with that. Don’t shy away from combining services and software if that’s a better fit for your unique needs.

We have a supply of real-world customer use cases in which we’ve worked with partners to bring together the best joint solution to clients. To learn more about our project success, check out our customer references page on our website.

To learn more about Forrester’s report, download the Forrester Now Tech Modernization & Migration Services Report.


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